Wendy Williams’ son Kevin Hunter Jr.’s assault case against his father is dismissed

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Kevin Hunter Jr., the son of Wendy Williams has been freed in his assault case against his father Kevin Hunter Sr.

The 18-year-old who pleaded not guilty to allegedly assaulting his dad during his initial June 25 appearance in court became a free man today after the case was dismissed.

The prosecutor reviewed the case and ultimately decided not to pursue charges.

Kevin Sr. attended the hearing and told the judge he agreed with the prosecutor’s decision not to pursue charges. Williams didn’t attend the hearing because she taped her talk show live.
Back in May, Kevin Hunter Jr. got into a fistfight with his father Kevin Hunter in a New Jersey store parking lot after he called his father “a bitch.” This resulted in Kevin Jr.’s arrest for domestic violence simple assault.

According to a police report, responding officers were told that the situation escalated after Kevin Jr.’s comment, causing Kevin Sr. to strike his son “with a closed fist to the face,” which Kevin Sr. later denied.

The two were separated by a bystander, and Kevin Jr. proceeded to call his father’s estranged wife, Wendy Williams, who was not present at the scene.

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