Amber Rose showcases blossoming baby bump in skintight black tank and leggings during outing with beau A.E. Edwards (Photos)

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Heavily pregnant Amber Rose who is expecting her second child enjoyed a day out with her boyfriendAlexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards and some friends on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old stepped out in a skintight black tank and leggings that showcased her blossoming belly she was spotted with man at the Universal Studios Hollywood.

Amber Rose showcases blossoming baby bump in skintight black tank and leggings during outing with beau A.E. Edwards (Photos)

Record label executive Edwards, 32, was dressed in a Von Dutch t-shirt and pale blue jeans decorated with a plethora of gold stars. He also wore Nike trainers.

Amber Rose showcases blossoming baby bump in skintight black tank and leggings during outing with beau A.E. Edwards (Photos)

Amber, who shares a six-year-old son son, Sebastian, with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, announced in April that she is expecting another boy due in October.

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322 thoughts on “Amber Rose showcases blossoming baby bump in skintight black tank and leggings during outing with beau A.E. Edwards (Photos)

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